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Mankato Acupuncture Clinic is the private practice of Stephanie Hylla.  She is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, and is a National Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  Stephanie graduated with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, and received her undergraduate degree from the College of St. Benedict in her hometown of St. Joseph, MN.  In the spring of 2011, Stephanie traveled to China and completed a Certificate of Study at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During her graduate work, Stephanie trained in Minneapolis, MN at the Courage Center treating stroke, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, as well as The Aliveness Project treating persons living with HIV/AIDS.  Stephanie also had considerable training in treating alcohol and drug addictions at the Salvation Army, Minneapolis Harbor Lights.

She became curious about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at a very young age but didn’t experience it until her fourth pregnancy left her with excruciating low back pain.  Once she discovered that acupuncture could relieve her pain by 50-75%, she was convinced this was the path she needed to take.

Stephanie is very passionate about what Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer and has a wonderful desire to educate the public in how it can complement any level of health care treatment.  It is her mission to show how both Eastern and Western Medicines can work together to fulfill the common goal of giving people the best healthcare options they deserve.

Stephanie serves as the President of the Alumni Board of Directors for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

The Results Were Amazing!

Mankato Acupuncture Clinic

“Deciding to come to the Mankato Acupuncture Clinic for treatment gave me an option away from conventional medicine. When the doctor said they wanted to place pain medication in my neck with a live MRI and needle, I was not happy with that option. I asked what he thought of alternative medicine and told him I was contemplating acupuncture for my condition. He was okay with it but said if needed, the treatment plan was on file. I have not been back to a doctor or a chiropractor about my neck in 2 years!

The most impressive thing about the treatments is how fast they started to relieve the pain. I started with going about twice a week, and in about 4 months, we tapered appointments to once every 3 weeks. Now I see Stephanie on an as needed basis. I have been back a few times but the length between visits is more to relieve stress than for my original problem.

The seminar held at my place of work helped me to gather the information on being needled. The first appointment Stephanie asked if I was nervous and put in the first needle to help me relax. In about 15 seconds I felt much more relaxed and at ease.

I was not sure what to expect from acupuncture. I was not even sure it would help my condition, but I wanted to try. I’m so glad I did. I believe that this treatment option was the best for me. Now I go back when I feel stressed and I just love the way I feel after a treatment. Relaxed and energized!

The results were amazing! The doctor wanted to put a shot in my neck. My thought was one wrong move and I’m paralyzed. I wanted to try something less invasive to see if it would help. It helped not only for my condition, but in so many other ways and it has lasted almost 2 years and counting!

Each time I went to an appointment, it was a very personal experience. Stephanie got to know me and my family just by the questions she asked. Each return appointment she asked how my family was doing. And she also told me about some of her experiences as well. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She assessed me each appointment an that made each visit different and personal.

I have recommended Mankato Acupuncture to several people, including my own son and daughter. I’ve told many people about my experience and how acupuncture has helped me. I even asked Stephanie to recommend someone for my daughter because she lives in a different city. Stephanie was able to use her connections and help me out in that respect as well.”

Amy R.
Customer Service
Wells, MN