Mankato Acupuncture Clinic is in network with both Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health Partners.  If you have a different insurance plan that has acupuncture coverage, please let us know so we can give you a coded receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

We always recommend you call your insurance company and double-check your acupuncture coverage. Some specific questions you should ask are:
1.     “Do I have acupuncture coverage if given by a Licensed Acupuncturist?”
2.     “Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Provider?”
3.     “Is there a limit to the number of acupuncture treatments I can receive within one calendar year?”

If you previously received acupuncture from your chiropractor and had coverage, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have coverage with a Licensed Acupuncturist. Please see your plan documents for your specific coverage information.

Most Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health Partners plans will cover the following. This list is not a guarantee of coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  1. Chronic Pain Management
    1. Must have had longer than 6 months
    2. Must have been treated by a physician or other healthcare professional
  2. Nausea related to
    1. Surgery
    2. Chemotherapy
    3. Pregnancy

Health Partners

Acupuncture treatment is generally limited to the following conditions:

  1. As an analgesia for medical procedures
  2. Chronic Pain syndromes, including but not limited to:
    1. Neuromusculoskeletal conditions (e.g., neck, back, extremity pain, radicular syndromes, myofacial pain syndromes, fibromyalgia syndrome)
    2. Headaches (chronic or recurrent, tension or migraine)
  3. Nausea ( e.g., following chemotherapy; associated with pregnancy)
  4. PMS or menstrual disorders