Mankato Acupuncture Clinic

Amazing Results! Thank you Stephanie!

“I was in Mankato at a business when I overheard two ladies talking about acupuncture. My husband and I used to have acupuncture done by our chiropractor. He moved to Colorado. So I asked who they would recommend. The one woman quickly gave me a card and claimed that ‘she’ (Stephanie) has given her life back. Two weeks later, I called and made an appointment. I had sciatica in my right leg. After a few appointments it got better and with more appointments I am sciatica free. I can now drive anywhere without shifting in the seat.

I was not apprehensive over the needles. You just have to relax and Stephanie helps you with that.

Stephanie has been blessed with the gift of touch. I am always amazed at how she knows what my body is telling her. For instance, she asked me if I was having a stomach ache and I said ‘No’, but then later that day I did. Stephanie has not only helped me but she has helped my husband with his sciatica. We have recommended her to many people and given out her cards. It is amazing results. Thank you Stephanie!”