Mankato Acupuncture Clinic

Happy to have Found a Drug Free, Surgery Free Way to Treat My Back Pain

“I have been dealing with lower back pain for many years. it became more difficult to deal with as time went on. I had stiffness and pain getting out of bed in the morning. I had a difficult time with leg pain, walking and rising to a standing position from sitting. I had pain pills, pain injections and suggestions of surgery and trigger point injections. I decided I needed to do something and did not want to go on with pain pills, invasive procedures or surgery.

I began seeing a chiropractor who gave me moderate relief of my pain, but I needed to continue with anti-inflammatory drugs in addition to his adjustments. I would have facet joint flare ups where I could not straighten up without great pain. My chiropractor suggested acupuncture as an adjunct treatment. I was also doing yoga, but had difficulty with certain poses that seemed restricted by pain or discoordination of movement.

I made an appointment with Stephanie at Mankato Acupuncture Clinic. She did an extensive assessment and listened to my concerns. She explained acupuncture, TCM theory and how she would proceed. She suggested some lifestyle changes and that I receive 8 treatments.

After the first treatment I felt some unexpected relief as I thought it would take several to really get an effect. Treatments gave me a sense of overall wellbeing, in addition to decreasing my pain in a way that had me not focus my energy on it. Pain was tolerable on a daily basis. My ability to do yoga poses improved. Due to my arthritis, I will never be 100% pain free, but continued treatment makes a big difference in my quality of life. When I do not follow her recommendations on lifestyle changes, I can feel the difference. I continue to have treatments when I can and look forward to them as I know how much better I will feel after. I am now off of any pain medications. I continue to have maintenance chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatments, and have not had any flares. Any increased pain I do have is usually a result of myself making unhealthy choices in my diet or weekend warrior activity.

I am happy to have found a drug free, surgery free way to treat my back pain.”