Mankato Acupuncture Clinic

Highly Recommend Her to Anyone Looking to Treat a Health Condition

“I have struggled with respiratory issues since I was a child, starting with many bronchial infections which developed into asthma as a teenager. My doctor encouraged trying many different ‘western’ medications, all of which attempted to control, not treat, my symptoms. For me, this was a very difficult time thinking I would be doing my best to ‘control’ something which can be an annoyance at best, and very frightening at its worst for my foreseeable future. I was highly dependent on my albuterol (steroid-based) inhaler for many years, which was expensive, frustrating, and not conducive to a healthy body. I noticed that walking and exercise lessened my symptoms, but allergies and heavy exercise made it much worse. After my husband ran to find my inhaler for the thousandth time while I had an attack, he suggested we consider looking for a different way of treating my asthma.

After researching local acupuncturists, I began treatment with Stephanie the next week in 2011. Although I don’t have a fear of needles, I was very curious about the placement of them and what each was expected to do. Stephanie was awesome about answering all of my questions. I had a better understanding of how acupuncture works while receiving treatment. She explained what to expect after my first treatment and we set up future appointments. I knew acupuncture wouldn’t instantly treat my asthma – however I did notice small changes even after the first treatment. I slept better, felt better, and started to breathe better. Along with treatments, Stephanie was able to find a correct dosage of herbal supplements that greatly improved my treatment of asthma. I continued to receive treatment from Stephanie on a regular basis until I went back to college in Minneapolis the following fall. I still have treatments with Stephanie, although not as often as I like due to my schedule.

The biggest indicator that acupuncture works, to me, if that while seeing my doctor last week for a regular check-up, he was able to remove asthma from my chart as I have been symptom and attack free for over a year and a half. Stephanie is always available over email to answer any questions I have and provide dietary suggestions for different things from a cold to a yeast infection. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to treat a health condition or even to just feel better on a daily basis.”